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The Fashion Annual

The Algorithm Edition | 2018/19



About The Book

The Fashion Annual

The Fashion Annual is created by one of the country’s leading fashion editors and textiles experts, Lynne Coleman. Nothing dates an eon in time faster than fashion. The hardback documents our lives and time through the medium of clothing, photography, make-up and styling. Painting fashion portraits illustrating the events hitting the headlines over the past year; from political turmoil to #metoo, plastic pollution to the impact social media has on our mental health and freedom - ‘The Algorithm Edition’ depicts our year through the medium of fashion and art in ten breathtaking editorials. Taking inspiration from the global news cycle, Lynne and her team have shot in locations across the U.K and New York to create a collector’s item for followers of fashion, art and photography. 


The Fashion Annual

The Concept

“I wanted to create a set of snaps that told the stories of the past year using fashion and photography as the pen and paper,” explains Lynne. “From our bare-faced inability to ban single use plastics to discussing how mental health issues perpetually plague people who, from the outside, look like they are having all the fun.” As Lynne and her team were planning the book, the word algorithm kept rising – from election fraud to people scared to watch fictitious followers fluctuate each time an iOS update was released, “I took the word algorithm and spun it out – using it as the framework of the book,” Lynne.


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Come celebrate the launch with Harvey Nichol’s

On Tuesday, 23rd of October, TFA launches exclusively via Harvey Nichols. Come celebrate with Lynne as she chats over the books themes with Forever Yours Betty creator Sheri Scott. Tickets cost £10, which is redeemable against a book purchase on the night plus gives you a free glass of fizz from Thomson and Scott.

For tickets follow the link.

Having a large social media following is akin to being rich in monopoly. It’s a game.

But this is our lives - and we are all currently baws-deep copulating with code.
— Lynne Coleman
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